New EMG Electrodes – Shipping Soon

There has been a change in your EMG electrode order forced upon us by the manufacturer. The dual EMG sensor electrodes are no longer being made.
We were not given advanced notice of this. We have found electrodes that will work properly with your BioEMG III & M-Scan.
These electrodes are the exact same material (adhesive, gel, & snap) as the previous electrodes, but come individually and not in joined pairs.
Therefore, to use them with your BioEMG III or M-Scan device you need to attach the electrodes as shown in this document included with the electrodes you have or will be receiving. There is also this instructional video on how to use the new individual EMG electrodes to get the same accuracy and noise reduction you came to expect with the previous electrodes. (Video Link).
We will continue to look for the best electrodes available for your needs and keep you updated with any changes as soon as we are aware of them.