Digital Occlusal Analysis

All dental procedures impact occlusion. Poor occlusion affects quality of life. T-Scan to restores this quality of life.

T-Scan™ provides dynamic occlusal measurement - revealing the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the occlusal stability of the overall bite.

Using T-scan allows you to:

  • Protect crowns, bridges, and veneers from high forces
  • Ensure implants aren't loading early
  • Check anterior contacts during active clear aligner therapy
  • Screen new patients for baseline occlusion and monitor throughout treatment
  • Improve efficiency by reducing repeat visits
  • Differentiate your practice by embracing digital technology
  • Complement the use of intraoral scanner (T-Scan provides different but essential data.)

Why Become a T-Scan Dentist?

Articulating paper shows where contact is made, but not when and with how much force. T-Scan is the only technology that shows the measured force and the timing of occlusal surfaces coming together. Combining these two tools can paint a clear picture of the patient's bite.

Reduce remakes and minimize repeat visits

  • Extend restoration longevity – for example, using T-Scan to balance your patients’ occlusion will take a  17% remake rate for crowns to a 2% remake rate
  • Highly accurate occlusal data allows for precise diagnoses, confident treatment plans and adjustments

Educate Patients on Treatment Value

  • Boost patient confidence with precise actionable data
  • Embrace new applications and more complex cases - T-Scan expands your capabilities
  • Grow your practice by offering a unique service
    • Generate $15,000-$20,000 in additional revenue per year in patient evaluations and treatment programs
    • Reduce treatment time and increase case acceptance rates by up to 85% by showing data to patients LIVE