Doctors around the globe are raving about the use of MLS laser therapy to treat patients. The reviews are truly remarkable. The MLS therapy laser operates with a dual-wavelength simultaneously which is uniquely designed to facilitate healing and reduce inflammation at the cellular level. The MLS dental laser is a fast, easy, and effective way to manage pain. This allows doctors to finish cases faster, prescribe less medication, and patients love it. The energy from the laser stops inflammation from happening, which then allows the cells to begin the healing process immediately. This is revolutionary and the design of the MLS laser is such that it allows for more energy to be used in a wider area, which is perfect for dental applications. The MLS Laser has been coined the “Ferrari” of lasers because it’s truly magnificent at what it does. Because it does not cut it doesn’t need to do a bunch of other things that a cutting laser does. Cutting lasers can be tuned to the same wavelengths as the MLS, however, none of them fire dual-wavelength in the correct frequency to flush inflammation and stop pain at the cellular level, in the mitochondria. BioRESEARCH is the exclusive distributor of the MLS laser for dentistry, if you’re looking for a non-dental laser try CELASER

MLS Laser Therapy for dentists

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