Why Integrate the MLS Laser into Your Practice?

Dentists Cause Pain and Inflammation, the MLS Laser Manages that

Reduce Inflammation

MLS Laser Therapy has an anti-edema effect as it causes vasodilation and it activates the lymphatic drainage system which drains swollen areas. As a result, there is a reduction in swelling caused by bruising or inflammation.

Manage Pain

The energy from the MLS laser enters your damaged cells, accelerates intercellular activity, and speeds recovery. The laser boosts a metabolic cell response. As a result, you experience reduced swelling and inflammation that hinder your range of movement and worsen pain.

Jumpstart Healing

MLS laser therapy uses the synchronized dual laser method to jump-start the healing process on a cellular level allowing healing to begin immediately.

The MLS Lasers


The ergonomic handpiece is easy to transport, ergonomic, and easy to use. The Mphi D uses two synchronized lasers to treat.


Or the “complete MLS solution” combines the MPHI D handpiece and the pantograph arm with the multi-diode Ultra head used to treat larger areas in a shorter amount of time with less operator assistance.

If you already have an MLS Laser and are looking for cleaning instructions: https://bioresearchinc.odoo.com/products/mls/mlscleaning