CE Spotlight – Clinical Mastery Series Ultimate Occlusion 1

When we chose to attend CE events and training, it’s generally because the training discusses the use of measurement or utilizes the equipment we create. BioRESEARCH doesn’t believe in one treatment philosophy over another, nor do we favor one over the other. That said, we do love groups that are fresh, provide great service to their members, and represent healthy teeth, joint, and muscles in the stomatognathic system.

Enter Clinical Mastery Series

Business Name: Clinical Mastery Series
Business Location: 2302 South McClintock Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282
Mission/Vission:Clinical Mastery Series serves as a host to an array of educators who empower dentists from across the country to master their restorative skills, business acumen, and practices. We believe by investing and offering the latest in cutting-edge education and experience, we can contribute to the success of many. By creating a platform that includes seminar events, web-based offerings, diagnostic/treatment planning roundtables, and live patient observation and instruction, we provide a broad base of opportunity for everyone, from the seasoned veteran to the new graduate.

Jen Janicki – Executive Director
Jason Olitsky – Program Director
John Nosti – Clinical Director
Lee Gary – Director of Professional Development
Eric Farmer – Clinical Faculty
Nada Albatish – Clinical Faculty
Alla Brown – Clinical Faculty
Chris Catalano – Clinical Faculty
Sam Cress – Clinical Faculty
Josephine Franzese – Clinical Faculty
Jim Furgurson – Clinical Faculty
Golden Hartley – Clinical Faculty
Eric Jones – Clinical Faculty
Chris Kerns – Clinical Faculty
Erik Mendelsohn – Clinical Faculty
Mona Patel – Clinical Faculty
Lauren Shepard – Clinical Faculty
Mike Smith – Clinical Faculty
Drew Carrell – Clinical Faculty
Chad Yenchensky – Clinical Faculty
Josh Stelzer – Clinical Faculty


Clinical Mastery Series, known here as CMS, does envelop all the things that we have described above and then some. They have outstanding course content, excellent instructors and staff, and they are all about creating better dental professionals one session at a time.
Led by Dr. John Nosti, a crazy talented expert dentist, this group pushes very hard to make dental procedures sexy again. Well, I say again like it once was…maybe that’s a stretch. These people make dental training fun, exciting, and yes…sexy.

We recently paid a visit to the Ultimate Occlusion 1 course in Dallas, TX held at the Hilton Southlake. The location was excellent as it was very comfortable, in a nice little mall-type area, and very close to Dallas Ft. Worth airport. This makes it very easy to get to and from the course. The day started with an outstanding motivational video and away they went into the training abyss. My time with these trainers was short but I felt like they were focused, laser-beam focused, on helping every one of the 70 or so young doctors understand the material. There were breakout sessions and hands-on experiences that no doubt made a difference to these outstanding students who are taking the steps to become the best.

It’s no wonder their slogan is “Rock the Drill”, as these courses rock! We highly recommend this group as a place to learn high-end reconstruction, TMD, Sleep, and Aesthetics. You might learn a thing or two about practice management as well. For more information about Clinical Mastery Series, visit their website https://www.clinicalmastery.com