2023 Summer Conference Agenda and Speaker Topics

Speaker Topics

Dr. Mike Smith: “The TMJ as the skeletal foundation of the Stomatognathic System” 

Learn how Dr. Mike Smith uses JVA both as a lightning-fast screening tool, and as a fully integrated diagnostic aid for the function of the TMJ in his thriving TMD, Sleep, and Restorative practice in Phoenix Arizona.  Dr. Smith will cover the basics of JVA interpretation and show his method of incorporating the QuickSplint™ with BioJVA™ to triage patients TMJ, muscle and occlusal issues. 


Dr. Scott Parker: “The DEKA CO2 Laser for surgery, sleep, and aesthetics” 

See first hand how the DEKA CO2 laser has revolutionized intraoral surgery, dental sleep medicine and facial aesthetics. Learn immediate practice benefits in oral surgery and periodontal procedures.  Reduce snoring and disinfect and even shrink enlarged tonsils.  The ability to immediately deliver results to your patient population builds confidence in your treatment plans. 


Dr. Michael Reece: “Avoiding the Time Trap of NM dentistry” 

Since 1973 NM techniques have been proving invaluable to patients with reduced VDO and craniofacial muscle dysfunction, but the old techniques of pulsing and extended testing do not fit well in today’s busy practices. Dr. Reece will show how innovative testing can dramatically reduce the cost of doctor time taking scan after scan and reliably implement a NM component into your TMD, Sleep or restorative practice. 


Dr. Kristina Wolf: “Photo biomodulation for pain reduction, healing and more” 

Learn the application that TMJ Therapy Centre’s world wide use to immediately address pain, inflammation and the need for healing.  And for those experienced in MLS therapy, find out the newest application for the most difficult cases. 


Mr. Scott Manning: Author The Four Freedoms in Dentistry 

Scott Manning will show you how to overcome rising costs, unrelenting inflation, and skydiving reimbursements with the techniques in his book.  The Four Freedoms of Dentistry is a radically better way to practice dentistry that will show you how to scientifically design your practice to achieve Profit-on-Purpose… a level of ROI that’s repeatable, predictable, and impervious to the headwinds of the current economy. 


June Williamson: “BioEMG III Myofunctional module and the MyoBrace” 

June Williamson has lectured for years on Orthondontics, TMD, and Myofucntional applications.  She will discuss how she is incorporating the Myofunctional Module in a practice focused on applications of the MyoBrace in a pediatric practice.  See case studies in myofunctional therapy documented step by step. 


Dr. Robert Kerstein: “The Digital Occlusal Revolution” 

Dr. Robert Kerstein, DMD, and author of the Essential Research Handbook on Digital Occlusal Technology, will share his strategies for applying technology to help remove any doubts when working with patients through all phases of dentistry. See where and how digital occlusal analysis enhances your complete workflow with real case studies applying T-Scan to pinpoint regions to adjust and protect your patient’s bite.  


Dr. Ben Sutter: “Disclusion Time Reduction in the general dental practice” 

With applications from TMD, Orthodontic Case Finishing and Implant management many clinicians think they need a specialty practice to benefit from the DTR approach to case finishing. But, these adjustments improve occlusion (the relationship between teeth) and allow the muscles to relax. By improving occlusion and relaxing muscles, pain and the need for either surgery or even a nightguard are often eliminated. Treatment can be completed in as few as 1 to 3 appointments with the benefits lasting for years.