BioJVA™ Joint Vibration Analysis

JVA - Joint Vibration Analysis is based on simple principles of motion and friction: When smooth surfaces rub together, little friction is created…and little vibration. If these surfaces become rough, then friction and vibration are created when these surfaces articulate. The Bio JVA is a series of extremely sensitive sensors that measure movement in 4-dimensional space. The movement becomes translated into a digital signal and displayed as simple data in the BioPAK™ software.

Jaw joint vibrations have been researched deeply with thousands of documented cases of various dysfunction. The BioJVA and a little joint vibration analysis practice can help you as a doctor to identify disturbances that match up to various types of dysfunction found on the Piper scale of jaw joint dysfunction. Many doctors who are currently practicing without the BioJVA™ don't have the data to properly diagnose and treat patients in the best possible way, the JVA gives you that data.

When you use JVA and understand joint vibration analysis things become more clear to you, because you know if you have something going on or not. In other words, many times there will be pathology you can't find with palpation.

JVA Research

There have been hundreds of research studies and papers done on the measurement of the TMJ.

We have pulled together a cross-section of the latest research on JVA, view the bibliography by clicking here.

JVA Video

Joint Vibration Analysis

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