Level up your dental skills and stay ahead of the game with BioRESEARCH Continuing Education Courses.

Explore the most effective ways to grow your clinical abilities, recession-proof your practice through the use of more accurate tools and techniques that will skyrocket customer referrals and satisfaction. We offer tutorials and courses from the top minds and practice managers in dentistry today. It is a core belief of ours to continue educating minds in the field today, to create better dentistry for tomorrow.

Our CE Calendar includes courses by Brock Rondeau, Clinical Mastery Series, Pankey, LVI, Mike Smith, Ray Becker, and More. Typical courses include up to 16 educational credits to put towards your AGD accreditation and will change how you perceive dentistry forever by allowing you to treat the 1 in 5 patients with TMD pathologies who come through your door.

The way dentistry has been practiced for the last 60 years is being challenged by some of the brightest minds in the business. If you are seeing 20-30 patients a day and not touching biometric research or measurements, you are selling yourself and your patients short.

Our courses teach dentistry in a way that allows you to gain insights that lead to more accurate diagnosis and conclusions. These concepts go beyond digital occlusion tools and into joint function, airway, muscle activity and more. The idea that you can simply provide “blind orthodontics”, (drill and fill) with no culpability on their finished state is changing. We call it “blind orthodontics” because failing to get joint vibration analysis and jaw tracking data is rendering yourself blind to the true state of the TMJ’s before, during, and after your treatments. Being successful in orthodontics means having a clear view of the entire story, including an end state of the mandibular relationship to the maxilla during all phases of motion and rest.

This is where BioResearch comes in. By doing as much research as we have, and partnering with the brightest minds, we’ve uniquely positioned ourselves, and you, to be able to provide a high level of care while increasing your bottom line. But first you must learn how…Why not try a BioRESEARCH dental continuing education course?

Foundations in Biometric Integration

Review of anatomy and physiology of the stomatognathic system. JVA, Jaw Tracking, Surface EMG, and T-Scan – Dr. Ray Becker DDS, FAGD

Advanced Biometrics & TMD Application

(Teeth, Muscles, and Joints) for the General Dentist. Course Objectives: Implementing JVA, T-SCAN, LASER THERAPY –    Dr. Michael A. Smith DMD

BioRESEARCH CE Annual Conference

We provide an annual conference around the use of BioMETRICS in various dental methodologies. If you’re looking to enter into TMD, Sleep, Orthodontics, or Pediatric Airway check it out.


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