This Year's Speaker Lineup:

Dr. Ben Sutter
Dr. Mike Smith
Dr. Steven Olmos
Aaron Stevens



Dr. Robert Kerstein
Dr. Cynthia Wiggins
Scott Manning
John Nierman
Dr. Kelly Wells
Dr. Ed Lipskis
Scott Parker
Dr. John Nosti
Dr. Michael Reece
Dr. Kimberly Meyer
Arnaldo Direzze

Expert Live Panel

While all of our speakers and attendees have strong opinions about their own treatment philosophy, we believe that EVERY clinician who objectively diagnoses before he or she treats patients is ultimately on the same side.

Mentor Appointments

This has been a very well received activity that we are extremely proud to offer our clients. Sit down with John Radke, Mike Smith, Greg Kamyszek, Dr. Kerstein, Ray Becker, and others one-on-one and ask them anything.


There will be fun activities and events planned for evenings and at your whim.

Registration information coming soon!