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Expert Live Panel

While all of our speakers and attendees have strong opinions about their own treatment philosophy, we believe that EVERY clinician who objectively diagnoses before he or she treats patients is ultimately on the same side.

Mentor Appointments

This has been a very well received activity that we are extremely proud to offer our clients. Sit down with John Radke, Mike Smith, Greg Kamyszek, Dr. Kerstein, Ray Becker, and others one-on-one and ask them anything.


There will be fun activities and events planned for evenings and at your whim. Milwaukee has some of the finest museums, sports venues, and Lake Michigan offering endless opportunities outside of the conference.

Register for the Annual Conference Here

Invited Speakers

Just a sample of the top names in dentistry who will be speaking.

Dr. Ben Sutter

Dr. Ben Sutter will challenge what you know about occlusion. While some doubt the importance of occlusion in the dentists role and TMD, Dr. Sutter believes a protocol that is driven by technology and data serves both the dentist and the patient.

Dr. Steven Olmos

Dr. Olmos has been treating Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Disordered Breathing for 25 years. Through that time he’s continued to evolve and adapt better techniques and better treatments. Dr. Olmos will show cases that he treated 20 years ago and talk about how he would do them differently today and where he sees the future of dentistry evolving.

Dr. Curtis Westersund

Why is it important to understand the global affects of occlusion on the body? We have the BioPAK and the T-Scan incorporated into our practice but we do not always get the fast resolution we want. And sometimes, it seems our patients are either not responding or do not maintain stability. Why can some patients be such a problem?

Dr. Robert Kerstein

Dr. Kerstein, author of Computerized Occlusal Analysis Technology Applications in Dental Medicine, will discuss the latest features and technological advances made possible by the T-Scan Novus system. He will also discuss the current and pending research articles on computerized occlusal analysis.

Dr. Daniel Klauer

Step by step presentation to start a TMD and Sleep Practice. Dr. Klauer will outline everything from where to get a clinical education to business protocols to starting a TMD and Sleep practice. Also, where should your patients be coming from and how to stand out and make a name for yourself as a dentist in your community.

Dr. Marcelo Freire Matos

Temporomandibular arthropathies directly affect the intermaxillary orthopedic relationship and therefore interfere with occlusal stability. On the other hand, the occlusion itself is not a static mechanical relationship of the teeth, but an intricate neurophysiological and biomechanical phenomenon, whose secrets can be revealed by adequate biometric instrumentation.

Dr. Brock Rondeau

As one of the most prolific trainers in the dental world. Dr. Rondeau will give a presentation that will electrify the audience. His list of accomplishments and credentials is a scripture of a lifelong journey of exceptional results.
Dr. Rondeau is a general dentist who has treated thousands of patients with orthodontic, snoring, sleep, and TMJ issues.

Dr. John Droter

Dr. Droter has more than 25 years experience imaging patients and a practice limited to craniofacial pain. Dr. Droter has developed and will share his method to correlate data from JVA and CBCT to tell whether or not the patient’s jaw joints have adapted favorably, unfavorably, mal-adapted, or are still adapting.

Dr. Ray Becker

Dr. Ray Becker will discuss an efficient model he has implemented into his practice that is not only simple but lays out a clear pathway for you diagnostically and for the team. Dr. Becker’s model emphasizes clear communication with the patient on a level that they understand and demonstrates himself to be different than every other dentist by utilizing technologies like the BioPAK and the MLS Laser.

Register for the Annual Conference Here

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