Why YOU Should Attend the BioRESEARCH Winter Retreat

The Winter Retreat

The winter retreat is not just an amazing time to head south and out of the cold for a few days, it is also one of the best training events we've ever embarked upon. The BioRESEARCH team has pulled together Dr. Mike Smith, Dr. Ray Becker, and Dr. Steven Olmos to combine practice integration, advanced interpretation, and sleep dentistry all in one event. So if you're looking for an easy and life-changing way to differentiate your practice, this might be for you.

1 in 3 patients will present a TMJ pathology of some sort. Do you know how to capture those people and diagnose them correctly? Ever wonder why sleep dentistry is lighting the dental world on fire? Do you know how valuable sleep is to a patient's overall health and well-being?

Most dental professionals exist to help patients get out of pain and into a healthy state. This course will be able to teach you how to effectively create a process by which you can diagnose patients more accurately.

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