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Cost JVA $15,900
Revenue Average Screening Fee – $52 (JVA Only)
Average Clinician Interpreted JVA Report Fee – $250


Number of Patients Screened Per Month 40 X $52 = $2080 (2 per day)

Number of Patients Requiring Full JVA Diagnosis Reports Per Month 10 X $250 = $2500

Monthly Revenue generated by JVA= $4580

Yearly Revenue generated by JVA = $54960- $13,900 = $41,060 revenue

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ROI Calculator

For first year profits subtract cost of JVA, in subsequent years do not subtract cost of JVA.
Because of the ease and speed with which a JVA screening can be administered, you can
screen all of your patients. Short of this, you may want to screen all patients who have
clinical symptoms (headache, joint noise, etc.) or are about to undergo any procedure that
could stress the TMJ. ( ie, orthodontics, partial dentures, crown & bridge etc.)

Scientific literature has shown the prevalence of TMD is very high in the general
population (20-80%). For the above example we assumed a 25% positive finding of a
potential TMD problem. These would be considered your “at risk” TMJ patients that need a full
review of their JVA trace after a thorough history, clinical exam, and radiographs of the TMJ.

Note: The ADA requires the Dentist to accurately diagnose TMJ disorders and to treat to the limit of his/her ability.

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