March Promotion – Annual Conference Giveaway

The Annual Conference is fast approaching, June 17, 2021 will be here before you know it. Book your conference today!

We’re doing an amazing promotion where we are giving away $1000 to three lucky winners. We’ll publish a series of videos in March, one of them will have the names of the three winners. If you’re one of the winners you’ll have 48 hours to call BioRESEARCH and report yourself as a winner. Do that, and we’ll send you a check for $1000, that simple. When you book your conference pass in March you will be setting yourself up for success by joining the top 1% of the dentists who practice whole body, stomatognathic-based dentistry. You’ll gain incredible confidence in your ability to measure, diagnose, and treat a myriad of TMD and sleep-related cases. You’ll also learn how to improve case acceptance and improve your bottom line by being able to actually charge patients vs. waiting for the insurance company to approve your fees.