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After a weekend with Dr. Ray Becker I needed the flight home to process, literally. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this man’s sharing of his passion for dentistry and his mastery of the business model that he’s created for himself. I wonder why I don’t fly to Maryland every time I need a dental exam or procedure. Dr. Becker makes sure you understand, or he makes sure you understand. You can’t fool him into thinking you understand when you don’t because his brain isn’t like yours, he is two steps ahead. He has that qualifying question in place that assures him you get it way before your knee jerk reaction.

I decided to attend his course since I am the new Marketing Director here at BioResearch and well, we’re the sponsor of this particular course like many others we do with various knowledge and opinion leaders across the globe. I figured I’d get the fire hose of process and techno-jargon that typically has me nodding off faster than a daydream of a bus ride across the Great Salt Lake.

Man was I wrong.

The night before our training Nate Krey, our central region manager, and I flew in and spent time together setting up the room and making sure everything came together for the event as planned. It seemed to go really well considering we flew out of a snowstorm in Milwaukee and we were an hour late getting into Dallas. So, we’ve now got the room looking good, functioning, and have a few marketing materials in place for our Annual Conference happening in 2020. We start talking about where to grab some dinner when Nate’s phone rings, It’s Dr. Becker and he’s not doing well. He’s stuck in Romulus Michigan due to a cancelled flight or something… I get a look from Nate and he says, “Find me a flight out of Detroit if you can, like right now” and so I do a few searches and quickly realize there is nothing until morning. Nate is off the phone at this point and we discuss how we’ll restructure the course to make sure that we can cover for a late arrival of Dr. Becker.

The next morning, we quickly get to the room and as people filter in, I realize that I am the least medically trained person in the room, and I feel a bit uneasy. Nate explains the situation with Dr. Becker and asks if everyone has actually performed a JVA test on a patient. A few people have not, including myself so I am now feeling a bit better about myself. We all get our JVA done and I begin to track the flight Dr. Becker is on in order to tailor the course to his arrival. Soon, he walks in and goes right to work. He introduces a couple members of his staff back in Maryland and jumps right into the presentation.

I am immediately amazed at the tone, and excitement pouring from Dr. Becker. He’s clearly enjoying his work teaching us how the modern dental practice operates, at least in his mind. He’s doing this by showing us examples of math and what doesn’t work. He isn’t simply reading the textbook about integrating the JVA into your screening process, but really discussing why he does JVA on every new patient every time no exceptions. For him it’s about philosophy. I doubt he can even consider practicing without the right tools. He runs through the way he uses not only JVA but now goes into his differential diagnosis and how being a great dentist means starting at the Jaw and not just the teeth. He goes into great detail, and this man talks 14 miles a minute so if you are paying attention you might actually learn a great deal about biometric integration, and the math on how to run a successful practice.

As Dr. Becker goes deeper and deeper into the process of his fact finding with patients it’s very clear that I have it all wrong, the light comes on… dentists shouldn’t be practicing without biometrics.

It’s easy for me probably since I don’t have to understand the nauseum that goes into understanding the stamatognathic system. Even as I write this blog, Microsoft word doesn’t even register stamatognathic as a word so we’re talking in some serious anatomy lingo here. At the end of the first day we get to meet each other for dinner and drinks and I again realize I know less than every single person in attendance. What I found fascinating about the social piece is that there are not just dentists, there are medical docs and even a man like Dr. Christopher Chapman, who is a craniofacial and craniocervical specialist in Provo Utah at a practice called The LIFT CLINIC. Christopher’s practice is super specialized and he tells this story about saving a young child’s eyesight by decompressing her spinal column and restoring her airway. Chris was asking questions and was sincerely engaged in the program and after I learned more about craniofacial epigenetics, another epiphany. I had it all wrong. BioResearch isn’t in the business of research at all, even though our products do nothing but gather data, super accurate and reliable data. BioResearch is the business of helping various modalities of medicine rule out or eliminate causes so that they can CORRECTLY treat patients.

After dinner, we gather in the lobby to chat. I get to meet some of the other people who’ve taken the course and I realize the light bulb has come on for them as well. People like Emily Rose Moon and Casey Iverstine Morris who practice dentistry in a small town called Natchez, Louisiana. Their practice is called Miss-Lou Family Dentistry. In talking with Casey, I mentioned that I realize that only a small percentage of practices are integrated with Biometrics and I felt like those must have great outcomes. It was like a flood gate opened as she explained the entire universe in about 5 minutes. She totally gets it, it’s not about teeth, it’s about the entire system and most dentists don’t start at the beginning, they simply fill holes and straighten teeth, yeah some do more than that but really unless you are using biometrics you cannot see the entire picture… her words not mine. You see Dr. Morris has breathing issues of her own and she’s done the research and understands now that seeing the end before beginning treatment is the best way, and the only way, to be sure you’re doing the right thing. Her firms 294 reviews prove that she is doing the right thing, a lot. I also get a chance to meet Dr. Van Liew and her business manager Kathryn who practice in Sea Isle, NJ at All About Smiles Dentistry. She told a story about a young woman she treated with some cosmetic dentistry who defied all odds in life and became a wife and actually had a dentist tell her how beautiful she looked right before her wedding. This was impactful for her as a practice leader in cosmetic dentistry. I thought now here is a woman on top of her field, has every success imagined, who is now learning how to get even better at her practice. This is the holy grail…and it’s literally my second experience with practitioners.

I’ll invite you to stay with me, follow the trail to a better way to practice various types of medicine and a better way to capitalize on patient opportunity in your business office by using biometrics on every patient every time. When people tell you, they have a higher conversion rate among new patients using JVA, believe them. The best part for the business is that it’s the first step in the chain of finding the true cause of TMJ pain and TMD. Others will tell you that airway, breathing, and other systems are also better diagnosed when you have all the data possible. I’ll keep writing about my journey as it’s just begun, I’ll invite my peers to join me in creating stories that drive home one point, the patients are the reason we all do this. I want you as a practitioner to understand we’re here to help you help them, and I fully intend to show you every way we’re doing this.

Yours Truly, Rudy

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