This will walk you through how to download the Naris software that has been serialized to your equipment.  Please note that if you have not yet received your download letter, you can request one using the button.

For a PDF version of these instructions, click here

Request Software Download Letter

Step 1: Open your browser and in the address bar enter the address that is included in your software download letter.

Step 2: This will take you the log in screen

Step 3: On the line in front of Account, enter the username that was sent to you.

Step 4: One line in front of Password:, enter the password that was sent to you

Step 5: Once you have entered that information, click on the Login button located at the bottom of the window

Step 6: Once you have clicked login, you will be taken to the main download screen.

Step 7: Select the file to download

Step 8: Click the download button

Step 9: This will open a File Explorer window where you can select the folder to download the file to.

Please Note: That some browsers are set up to automatically download your files to your downloads folder.

Step 10: When you have selected the folder where you want to download that file, click save