January Special Offer

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If you are looking to be the best dentist you can be, why not make January the jumping-off point for your new career? Our January promotion will help you do that very well. If you want to practice in the way the top professionals do you need the equipment they use. Select the BioPAK, JVA, MLS Laser, EMG III, or T-Scan product and you will receive two scholarships to BioRESEARCH Education Events.

Execute your sales agreement by January 31, 2021 and you’ll be able to learn from Dr. Ray Becker and Dr. Mike Smith. Tuition free!

Two Great Courses

Dr. Ray Becker, DDS, FAGD – Foundations in BioMetric Integration

This seminar will teach the interpretation of 4 diagnostic aids for the stomatognathic system. Joint Vibration Analysis for the TMJ, Electromyography for the muscles of the head and neck, Jaw Tracking for 3D kinesiology studies and taking bite registrations and finally the T-Scan Novus for computerized occlusal case finishing. These aids can be used separately or integrated into a single system. They are taught in tandem to help highlight the interplay between TMJ, craniofacial muscles, jaw movement and position, and occlusion. Learn more


Dr. Mike Smith, DMD – Advanced BioMetric and TMD Application

Dr. Smith presents a predictable and profitable system for addressing the three pillars of craniofacial physiology in general dentistry and TMD. A simple system for stable joints, healthy muscles and a balanced occlusion for any dental practice, this system not only adds to your bottom line by expanding your services offered, but it also feeds the restorative portion of your practice. Learn more