Dr. Michael A. Smith, DMD

Dr. Michael A. Smith DMD

Dr. Michael A. Smith, DMD is a Doctor of Medical Dentistry and has been practicing for more than 23 years. He holds degrees from Northern Arizona University as well as the University of Louisville.

Dr. Smith is a master at bringing the data from biometrics into the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of his patients. Dr. Smith has done post Doctorate work with Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, BioResearch mastership, Arrowhead Institute, Hornbrook group, and is certified with Invisalign.

Dr. Smith holds and has held positions such as Chairman, Dental Health Committee, Board Member, Vice President and President – Central Arizona Dental Society, and past Rotarian.

Recently Dr. Smith has become a director of the Clinical Mastery Series of dental training.

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